ّIranian Post-Surf Psychedelic Rock

The band Muckers was founded by the guitarist, Emir, in 2011, who says he’s influenced by an array of contemporaries, from punk to garage rock to indie music.


The original sound of post-surf and psychedelic rock, verging on punk has its audience still today. As a genre its been enjoying a resurgence all over the world this decade. But in Iran the audience are mostly youngsters hearing it played live as performed and penned by their peers in hidden venues, even though The Muckers have performed above-ground on occasion, usually catching news of events through word of mouth, and attending at some risk to themselves still. While the vocals are pleasantly off, the instruments play more heavy-handed gestures then most post-surf rock, while retaining their role of lying underneath the instrumentals…then surging back under for the end of the song.

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