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  • Cyber Curfew in Iran

    Cyber Curfew in Iran

    Update: #Iran has now been offline for 52 hours following a government-imposed internet shutdown targeting widespread public protests. National connectivity remains at just 5% of normal levels, leaving Iranians cut off from the world #Internet4Iran⏱ 📰 — NetBlocks (@netblocks) November 18, 2019 @nytimes @CNN @cnnbrk @AP #IranianProtests #Internet4Iran #Iran

  • Cartoon for Hottest Year Ever; 2014

    Cartoon for Hottest Year Ever; 2014

    All of these  scientific centres and global climate watchers claim that 2014 was the warmest year ever Global Analysis – Annual 2014 2014 on track to be hottest year on record, says US science agency climate NOAA 2014 warmest year in Europe since 1500s

  • Amoral Cartoonists

    How a cartoonist’s brain works should be a serious topic in psychology and behaviorism. Just imagine the combination of all the maladies of an eccentric person from narcissism to insecure introvert to passive aggressiveness and the list goes on. The result is a jam-packed creative irony with big strokes of intentional mischievousness. The final result…

  • A Surrealist Cartonist

    A Surrealist Cartonist

    Gürbüz Doğan EKŞİOĞLU is drawing cartoons since 1977 and holds a total of 64 awards of 23 of which are international. The Turkish cartoonist had participated in numerous national and international collective displays. He has drawn many cartoons and illustrations for various newspaper and magazines like The Forbes, The Atlantic, The New York Times as…

  • ٔThe New Yorker’s Diet Cartoons

    ٔThe New Yorker’s Diet Cartoons

  • Portraits – Iranian Men in last 10 Decades

  • Zahra Fakhraee’s Cartoons

    Zahra Fakhraee’s Cartoons

  • Frightening Cartoonist

    Zlatkovsky is an artist of grand visions, creator of visual worlds, even visual universes. Creative visions, existential, sometimes frightening, sometimes beautiful. Visualization of thoughts, values, love, life and sex, political concepts, portrayal of intellectual models… He was growing in Russian family with its traditions, but had an opportunity to taste European artistic culture, to better…

  • Cartonist Who Didn’t like Politicians

    Cartonist Who Didn’t like Politicians

    One of the most famous caricaturist of the world David Levin who has an archive of more than 4,000 published works, didn’t like the politicians. As a left wing artist, he did his best to show the real face of the politicians in America and all around the world. His well known dislike of Kissinger…

  • The New Yorker's Cartoonist

    Every week more than 1000 cartoons and caricatures are sent to The New Yorker, out of which, only 17 are chosen to be featured In each issue. Tom Cheney is a staff cartoonist with The New Yorker, and his works have appeared in over 500 publications in the US and around the world.

  • Immigrants' Cartoonist

    The Albanian painter, illustrator and cartoonist Agim Sulaj, first started working in the political and satirical magazine “Hosteni”, producing illustrations and caricatures. At the same time, he was developing the skill of hyperrealistic painting. Agim Sulaj presented his artworks at his first individual exhibition in the National Gallery in Tirana in 1986. In 1994 he…