Shokoofeh Dezfuli, the Iranian Visual Artist

The background, depicting the feel of the moment, of melancholic nostalgia, of a winter day with evergreens, adorned by the snow, is brought to life by a female figurine. She stands on the snow with no footprints left of the road taken, and a nostalgic look.

Fixed on the distance, as if remembering the past memories, her eyes bring a sense of bitter sweet melancholia as she offers the white lotus as a token of purity and innocence. Her breasts, with erect nipples, along with the rest of her upper body, are seen though a sheer Qajar era dress, as her trousers in bright orange, cover her lower body from the cold. She, with all her adoring beauty and grandness is among the many magnificent works of art created by Shokoofeh Dezfuli, the Iranian Visual Artist, living in the US.






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