A cozy dining spot in the middle of nowhere 


Sometimes you have no idea how a place in the middle of your way to a destination can become your cozy spot. You would not care what time or when it is. That becomes your all the time hang out, no matter what.

I found my cozy spot while ago when I was traveling to Toudashk, a town in Isfahan. One of the restaurants that mostly serves the truck drivers having a stop to get rest and eat. The place offers only rice and chicken in the menu.

As soon as you enter the place the server asks if you would like chicken thighs or chicken breast. And there is this huge old tree planted in the middle of the building which must be around 38 years old.

When we have a road trip to Toudasht-which we do a lot- we surely have a stop at this place if we have no food to eat. And then, there is the full moon in the sky smiling to our faces while we are having our dinner. Even now that I am looking at this picture I remember the restaurant and feel for it. This is my cozy comfortable spot in the middle of nowhere. No matter what.

Translated from a  Persian Blog Cooob






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