A Film About Iranian Divorced Woman


Ida panahandeh’s first feature film ‘Nahid’ has been selected in Cannes Festival 2015 official selection. Nahid is a divorced woman who lives in a northern city of Iran. She has to choose between his son and his love but she does not want to face the dilemma which others have made to her.

Nahid tries not to lose any of them, and then fights to have them both. There is no doubt Ida could bring a fresh insight to the old idea of Iranian divorced woman and addiction. Drawing the environment inside the city, she reveals herself to be an incredible director. However, ‘Nahid’ is not simply a film about the problems of an Iranian divorced woman.

It is one of the rare movies in which you can see a feminine world from a female view. The social stigma about the relationship out of marriage, however some try to justify it with the Islamic law ‘Temporary marriage’, does not work for her, not in a small city she lives. Ida has showed us how the barriers make Nahid to make up some white lies, or hide things from her closest friends or family members, and it reminds us how lonely she is, and the fact that no one can understand her situation. Nahid by Ida panahandeh won the Special Prize for debut film in Cannes 2015.





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