A Simple but Fantastic Illusion

You can not believe your eyes after looking at this picture that simply shows a brick wall. A wall that has crack in it and there is a small stone sitting there. right? Wrong.  They say usually it takes about 30 seconds to find out the illusion here… I don’t think so …

Just look at the picture again but from different perspective. See it with different attention. Different way of concentration. The cognitive action that we better do it all the time. Ok, enough of lecture. I knew that your are anxious to see the trick …


If you still haven’t seen it, then what follows below will spoil it for you. If you don’t want to know then don’t read any further until you’ve figured out the illusion!

The illusion is that it’s a cigar stuck in the wall. It’s actually sticking out at a 90° angle, but the shot is taken so that the body of the cigar is aligned with a horizontal gap in the bricks. Together with the cigar being dark, it just looks like the cigar is the gap in the bricks, and the ash at the end is a rock stuck in the gap.

This should help: I blurred the bricks, so the cigar stands out more clearly:


A Fantastic Optical Illusion: Just Another Brick in the Wall?







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