At the End of 8th Street

With her brother on the death row for murder, Niloofar, Taraneh Alidoosti, has only three days, to come up with blood money, Diya, to be paid to the victim’s next of kin, or her brother will be executed.

This is the main story around which a series of events take place in the movie, the FILM-2-e1337915821614End of the 8th Street, a social drama directed by Iranian director, Alireza Amini. The scenes, dramatized by the movements of a handheld camera, are filled with intensified emotional desperation.

The movie takes us from illegal street fighting to gambling behind closed doors, to prostitution. Each characterizing a social dilemma, and the choice between someone’s life and the others dignity.

What do you think Niloofar and her desperate family and friends will choose, and how much of a price are they willing to pay? Watch the movie, and experience it with your own heart. And do have a box of Kleenex handy!






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