Blue Melancholia is Approaching


It’s not about death, or the end drawing near. It’s not about love or hate among sisters, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters or husbands and wives. Nor is it about ” happiness”, with its usual smirk, hiding all the depressing feelings of melancholia. It’s not “about” anything in particular to many who haven’t experienced it. It is blue, and hopeful, desperate and scared. It comes and goes as it pleases, and brings with it a feeling of “melancholy”.

Melancholia is its name, and It draws you in, sucks you inside its world of blue calmness. And Justine’s character, Kirsten Dunst, nakedly embraces it; naked and bare, and fragile. It is the story of holding on to hope, and the last shred of “happiness” left in one’s world. It is pure Lars Von Trier , and his redefining and breaking all the boundaries letting the viewer evolve in a world created by great effects, breathtaking musical score, and melt-in-the-moment acting.

So grab a bottle of wine, take a deep breath, and feel its grip on every inch of your body; for the blue Melancholia is approaching.

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