Cooking for Oneself


Its a Friday night, and I am on my way home after a along day’s work. What’s for dinner? I decide to stop at my favorite restaurant and treat mmyself to my most favorite, smoked salmon and rice dish.

Some nights I stop at the nearest fast food drive in and order the greasy hamburger! Or have some Chinese take out! Cooking for one is a challenge. I, too, like many other singles, used to prefer going out and enjoying a well prepared meal, without the hassle of going through planning for, and preparing a meal.

But since the changes made to my work schedule, I have had less time to go out to eat, and had to get out of my comfort zone and cook for one! and let me tell you, with some planning and small adjustments, it has been easy to stay on top of cooking at home and have great tasting, fresh meals served at the comfort of my own kitchen. 

Now a days, on my way home, I stop at the grocery store and I grab some protein, like fish, chicken, turkey or veal, depending on what my craving is that day, some vegetables, and once I get home, I toss the meat and vegetables together et voila! I have a healthy meal, as good as, or even better than, the restaurant’s. Some days, I put some fish in aluminum foil and put it in the oven, with some potatoes and olive oil, and twenty minutes later, a fresh healthy meal is on my kitchen table. Or I grill the chicken and make some rice, and I have another great meal.food_13_20091104_2056662774

Thank heavens for the freezer too! I make more food over the weekend and freeze it to use over the week. I grill the meat and throw some rice in with some dill and fresh cilantro and I have a fresh meal, healthy and good. So next time, instead of stopping at the drive in, stop at the grocery store, and treat yourself to your favorite ingredients to prepare a simple fresh home cooked meal. The possibilities are endless, and don’t forget the grill, the oven, and the freezer are single people’s best friends.

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