Divorce After an Online Affair

Huwelik op die rotse

There are as many stories of divorce as marriage. It is true that people find it easier to show their real feeling and are able to find out sooner or later that they are living with the wrong person. But there are also many childish and senseless reasons that break couples’life long commitment to each other.

Bosnian couple has filed for a divorce because both of them had an online affair with each other under another names.They thought finally could find their soul mate.

The Bosnian couple Sana Klaric and Adnan use to fight on very matter and there fore preferred to have an intimate relationship outside their marriage through social internet.

The day that two cyber lover decided to have a live date and things went wrong when they saw each other. from that moment there is no trust between them and both accusing the other one for cheating. They filled for divorce.

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