Drunk With Love

“Drunk With Love”, by Rana Farhan, magnificently mesmerizes with style, and an abundant beauty. Based on a poem by Rumi, the words of an ecstatic love poem, are brought to life in a smooth and serene way. Farhan sings the song in Persian, but in English, the words are searing.

Drunk With Love- lyrics by Rumi My lover became intoxicated, look at his eyes,
His stories are drunken, his speech is slurred,
Sometimes he falls this way, sometimes he falls that way,
These are the signs of one who is drunk,
His eyes drive everyone mad, but don’t try to make me fear him,
Because I’m drunk and I fear no one, not even the nightstick,
Oh love, Allah, Allah, The king of kings has gotten drunk,
Get up, grab his locks and pull him near,
My thoughts are all about the lover, I’ll put my life before him, I want to kiss him, fill his mouth with gold,
A face like a flower, his voice like a nightingale, I want to learn all his desires, This face of his is just a mask, in fact he is a light from the universe, Look past his beauty, the joy comes from his soul, It will make the winter change to spring, make the night change to day, This world is dead without the light from beyond, This world is dead without the light from beyond.

The lyrics’ English Translation courtesy of Rana Farhan.

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