Dystopian Trilogy for Teens


Veronica Roth (born August 19, 1988) is an American author known for her debut New York times best selling novels Divergent and Insurgent. Her third book titled Allegiant, completing the Divergent trilogy, was released last year. She is the recipient of the Goodreads Favorite Book of 2011 and the 2012 winner for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Roth started writing her first book, divergent while on winter break in her senior year at Northwestern University. After that her career as author took flight with the movie rights sold before she graduated college.

This Sci-Fi Trilogy follows the life of sixteen year-old Beatrice (Tris) Prior. In the futuristic city of Chicago the civilians are divided into 5 factions to keep order in the city. The Dauntless, the Eurudite, the Amity, the Abnegation and the Candor. At the age of sixteen all teens must take their aptitude test which shall determine which faction they belong in.

For the knowledge seekers it’s erudite
For the peace lovers its amity
For the brave it’s Dauntless
For the self-less it’s Abnegation
And for truth tellers it’s the Candor

But there is a catch if you choose your faction but fail initiation you become factionless. The factionless become the janitors, bus drivers and garbage collectors for the city. But Tris’s test results are inconclusive which means she is divergent but the city kills all divergents. Can Tris keep her divergence a secret?

This trilogy I would recommend for children 12+ but is also great for adults and young adults. Be sure to also check out the divergent movie.







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