First Illustrated Persian Translation of Allan Poe’s The Raven

illustrated by Maryam Shafiei
Allan Poe’s “The Raven” had been translated to Persian in the past, but this edition is a distinguished artifice because of its approach to both publication and translation. First of all, this is the first illustrated Persian translation of Allan Poe’s masterpiece. Secondly, it provides an introduction to the thought process and rationale behind the translation as well as an introduction to the mythology behind the poem. Finally, the translation in Persian preserves the structure of the original poem in the sense that it follows the same number of stanzas, lines and more importantly rhyming pattern.

The illustrations, made using intaglio printing ink, not only make this a unique translation in its kind but also perfectly demonstrate the dark and nightmarish atmosphere of the poem with their rough texture and absence of color.

The poem was translated by Ali Fatolahi and illustrated by Maryam Shafiei and published through Amazon Create Space Independent Publishing Platform.









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