I’m not your girlfriend honey, just be fast


The door bell rang and the boy ran to the door monitor and picked up the phone with no hesitation. Right before, he hit the table beside the wall and the vase fell down on the floor. He bent down, grabbed the vase and put the artificial flowers back inside, while answering the phone.
-“whose this?” He asked.
-“It’s me. Saman gave me your address.” A female voice answered.
-“come in please.” Excitedly said the boy and looked outside from the window with no patience. There was this woman coming toward the building looking straight ahead, totally carefree.
He opened the door. The woman came in trying her best to smile.
-“Hi.” The boy answered.
She bent down, unzipped her boots and took them off. Standing back up, her face was totally bloody red.
-Are you Jamshid? Did you call me?” She asked looking at the boy.
– “No, he is my buddy. He took care of this.”
– “Wow, such a sweet buddy.” She said sarcastically, looking and reviewing all around the place, while fixing her purse on her shoulder.
-“Okay, are we doing this here? Or in a bedroom?” She asked.
“Are we starting now? I was thinking to bring you some drink… ” he interrupted as he was getting confused.
“I don’t drink, nor do I have time. Your friend said you want me for one hour”. She said seriously.
-“Well, alright… How about the bedroom?”

She put her cellphone back into her pocket, still not even a glance at the boy.
-“You go ahead! show me the bedroom.”She said.
-“This way!” The boy said politely walking through a hall way entering a bedroom at the corner .
“This is the guest room, hardly ever anyone gets in.” The boy continued.
She put her purse on the side table, starting to search all over the bedroom. Wall corners, on the desk, behind the picture frames…
-“What are you looking for?” He wondered.
-“Don’t worry honey. Nothing bad. just checking for cameras. Had been betrayed before.” She continued “Well you know, there are a lot of assholes out there.”

She sat on the bed, untied the jacket’s belt, and then started to undo the shirt’s buttons.
-“Your own place?” She asked.
-“Excuse me?… Oh yes.” He answered.
-“Nice and cozy. Living by yourself?”
-“Oh thanks…Well, my parents are on a trip…”
-“Good for you!”

She had a blue shirt under the coat. Untied her scarf and hair. Hazel brown with black highlights here and there.
Now the boy was being shy and was trying to distract his look from her.
– “I’m gonna bring some coffee. Be right back.” He left the room before she stops him.

When he came back to the room, she was lying on the bed, checking on her face through a tiny mirror. Had a beige top, her hair on her shoulder, Her coat and shirt were nicely hung on the hanger and the scarf was right on the seat beside the table.

– “Is this your first time doing this?” She Asked right into his face.
-“Why do you ask?” Tray in his hands, he got shy again.
– ” Listen boy. You are paying me for this. Don’t kill the time.”
-“Well I was thinking we would talk before we start.” He said.
-“What do you think we are doing now?”
– “I mean…not like this.” He was desperate.
– ” Honey! I am not your girlfriend. Let’s begin.”

Tray in his hands and the side table full of her stuff, the boy bent down and left the tray on the floor beside the bed. Then he went all the way around, sat beside the woman. She stared at the boy for some moment, then started complaining in her own silence and took off her top in one move. The scent of her body mixed up in the air with the scent of a cheap perfume she had worn.
-“What’s wrong with you? Are we going to start?” Said the woman getting pissed off.

-“Well, no… I was just thinking…have you had lunch yet?” He asked.
-“Are you freaking kidding me?” She answered angrily.
-“No… I was only trying to offer you something to eat if you are hungry. We still have time…” He answered.
The woman waited for a second like she was shocked. Then suddenly she turned back and put on her top.
-“I should have asked for your age before getting here. My bad. This is bullshit. A real one.”
She tied her hair on the back and continued: “you wasted my time for half an hour. Why don’t you just go out with your teenage buddies day to night and have fun watching teenage girls instead?”
She fixed her coat and wore her scarf. He stood up and looked for money in his pocket. Brought out some bills and hold in front of her face. Never counted them.
-“I don’t need your generosity. I only need enough for the taxi.” The woman said sarcastically as she was grabbing her purse.
-“But you have been here with me anyways. Who cares? Your time has been gone.”
The woman thought for a couple of moment, then grabbed the bills of his hand and put them in her purse. Went to the door, opened it and turned her face back to him:
-“You have my number, right? Let me know when you are grownup and ready.”
She slapped the door, and the coffee was now totally ice cold, on the floor, right beside the bed.


Translated from Persian by Mavis From an article published by Marderooz Magazine






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