Iran Among World’s 20 Drunkest Countries

In one account, Belarus, Moldova and Russia are the biggest drinkers in the world but those figures only tell part of the story. Not everyone drinks and if you exclude non drinkers, the ranking will change.

By this measure, France drinks a lot, but because it has one of the lowest rate of abstainers at just 5%, it ranks 113th compared with 20th. In that case, Iranian drinkers are among top 20 heavy drinkers of the world even though the number of of alcohol drinkers throughout population is low.

Globally the world is drinking slightly more than in 2005 when figures were last compiled, mainly because developing countries are getting richer.







3 responses to “Iran Among World’s 20 Drunkest Countries”

  1. Ali Avatar

    That is funny. Who believes the consumption of alcohol in Iran is more than France and Italy?

  2. Ramin Avatar

    And how exactly did they populate this information from Iran? ridiculous

  3. سوگل Avatar

    Iran can not have this rate of consumption of alcohol cos affording alcohol here is stealthy and more expensive than other countries.this information was so funny

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