Iranian Living Room


Middle East has been the center of attention for the last decade or so not only by anthropologists or sociologists or even economists but by the ordinary people of all walks of life. This time the orientalisim is not organized curiosity of gathering the information for the old ways of colonialism, this time  it is just the sheer ability of the cyber mass media. Now a days everybody wants to know about everything especially  about an area that they hear about all the time on the news.

Iranian Living Room by a research and design Italian firm is one of those visual information that explores part of the Middle East. The company asked 15 Iranian photographers to collaborate on the theme: Private lives of ordinary Iranians as Süddeutsche Zeitung, a popular German magazine noticed: ” According to this brave book, in their living rooms the life of the Iranian people is very similar to ours”



Iranian Living 2

Iranian Living


Photography coordination:
Farhad Babaei

Mohammad Mahdi Amya
Majid Farahani
Saina Golzar
Sanaz Hajikhani
Hamed Ilkhan
Ali Kaveh
Mahshid Mahboubifar
Mehdi Moradpour
Sahar Pishsaraeian
Negar Sadehvandi
Hashem Shakeri
Sina Shiri
Morteza Soorani
Nazanin Tabatabaei Yazdi
Ali Tajik