Mississippi John Hurt – Spike driver blues

John Hurt sang of surprisingly violent and frank subjects in a disarmingly tender voice, coupled with an amazing technical mastery of guitar.

This music will stay with you and is often quite moving and original, since it combines blues with elements and playing styles normally associated with “folk,” due to the fact that Hurt hardly ever left his hometown, Avalon, and so was isolated from the “mainstream” Delta styles. There is a sort of spiritual calm and hard-won wisdom reflected in Hurt’s music and there is nothing else quite like it in all of American music.

His voice is pure, sweet and pleasing. While it does not carry the angst of such early performers as Charley Patton and Robert Johnson, it’s honesty is copied by others. His guitar playing is amazing and this alone could carry the song

For those who are interested in folk, blues, the history of modern music or any of the artists mentioned this is a worthwhile song to listen to. Enjoy!





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