Man in the Mirror

Hossain Rad

In his own words, Hossain Rad’s poetry is “the struggles of a bare man in the mirror, with his emotions and sensitivities, so raw, so untouched… “We borrow our souls from women,” He explains, “just like goddesses … We care, we evolve into them so deeply, letting them becoming a part of us, and we die in this oneness; to be still, and to listen to that inner peace, evolving from one another, dying; yet becoming each other’s soul-mates.

For Hossain Rad, the young aspiring Iranian poet, poetry is as such, It comes from within; from that longing, “where the boundaries between men and women are broken making us one, just like Gods and Goddesses, but not as lonely as them, for we agonize and love at the same time, with passion and conviction.” And to him, “being a man is as interesting and emotional as being a woman, as long as you are that bare naked man in the mirror, stripped of all that holds you back…”

And here is an excerpt of one of his poems called: Kooche Berlin (Berlin Street), translated from Farsi:

Your body Is without a question Mesmerizing

And your presence in my mind Is my “just because”

Deep in calm nothingness

You laugh And that piece of eternity, That is my life, Finds passion, forevermore

And I become the wine

Drunk with your attraction

A strong desire forsaking all distance just to hear you laugh


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