Official Report of the Secret World of Sex in Iran

20140809_MAP003_0The Economist published an article this week called “Throwing off the Covers” that reviews the 82 pages document of  Iran’s parliamentary research department.  The magazine finds the report interesting and goes on and to call it Sexual mores in Iran.
These are some of the findings that The economist has highlighted:

” Not only are young adults sexually active, with 80% of unmarried females having boyfriends, but secondary-school pupils are, too. Illicit unions are not just between girls and boys; 17% of the 142,000 students who were surveyed said that they were homosexual.
In this section

For less conservative Iranians, some of whom even jokingly describe themselves as “not real Muslims”, the report is merely an admission of reality—and an amusing distraction from the austere topics usually occupying their leaders’ minds. “This is what every human body needs,” says Zahra, a 32-year-old chemist who lives with her boyfriend in northern Tehran and declares that she has no intention of seeking authorization to have sex. “I have one life and though I love my country, I cannot wait for its leaders to grow up,” she adds.






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