Restaurant That Booked for the Next 10 Years

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It is magnificent to see one’s dreams being realized even by others. All through my adult life, I’ve had the dream of owning a home-based restaurant serving healthy food, made from scratch with all organic, natural and unprocessed ingredients, to those with an appreciation for delicate gourmet taste.

So imagine my delight, when I heard about Damon Baehrel, an American Chef, farmer, and restaurant owner in New York sharing his passion for healthy eating through serving gourmet food made from organically grown ingredients on the premises.

In his small restaurant in suburbs of New York, Chef Baehrel, has served a multi-course meal to avid gourmet lovers for many years; an experience of indulgence, by reservation only, with a hefty price tag of $265, that lasts five hours, served by the Master himself, from start to finish.

Using only the finest organic ingredients, grown on his farm, the Chef treats the clientele to his palette of fifteen different appetizers, main course and dessert, made from scratch, and paired with the finest cheese and organic wine. Also a master in Native American Cuisine, Chef Baehrel, mixes his knowledge of and passion for natural and organic ingredients, with the art of observing the nature itself.







All this passion has gradually brought about not only a successful business but also a fine dining experience. Even the thought of such a great achievement as a Chef brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with joy. If you, like me, are anxious to experience this fine food lovers’ oasis, you need to be patient.

The restaurant has received an average of forty thousand reservation requests for the past two months alone, and is booked for the next ten years, so as of now, it is not accepting any new reservation requests until further notice.






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