Rich Kids of Tehran

It was a few months ago that we had a report about Rich kids of Instagram and all the huff and puff  of luxury cars, jewelries, big boats and mansions that young rich people around the world proudly claiming to have.

Here goes what Iranians do, repeating the same thing only because as the saying goes: “the denial of global flow of capital is futile” When you have big oil rich country, sooner or later you will see the accumulation of wealth not just in one pocket here or there but all over the country. And therefore there are Rich Kids of Tehran and other cities to come…

rich kids of tehran 14

rich kids of tehran 15

rich kids of tehran 13

rich kids of tehran 11

rich kids of tehran 5

rich kids of tehran 9

richlids of iran






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  1. Just an Observer Avatar
    Just an Observer

    Title should be LOST Shameless Spoiled Brats

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