“Snow” A Good Film by Mehdi Rahmani



“Snow,” the new film by Mehdi Rhamani, is a gloomy film about a middle class family that, because of financial difficulties, is on the verge of disintegration. Although the subject is somehow repetitive, the film’s atmosphere is quite absorbing. The entire film happens in a rather large house that the family has to give up to its creditors soon. Its icy and wintry landscape, which is covered with snow, communicates a sense of imminent death, a corollary for the family’s own demise. Unlike many other Iranian films, the film’s poetic and ambiguous ending aligns it with the films of directors such as Abbass Kiarostami. The only problem with “Snow” is a thorough absorption with its subject matter and the conflicts which it spawns. This somehow distracts the film from focusing on fleshing out its characters fully.

watch the film here with the English subtitle






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