The 10 Strang Facts About Men's Private Part

Credit -  MarvinBeatty via iStock Salon
Credit – MarvinBeatty via iStock Salon

Men sexual organ not only helps to creates life but also is one of the biggest cause of war and the same time art and culture. The drive to repeat our characteristics and identity indeed is a form of immortality that nature allowed us to practice.

Nature also went through million years of trial and errors to construct the best possible way to fulfill the reproduction of the self.

Here are some very interesting facts about the penis — from monkey-ball implants to broken johnsons:

10. Every penis was a clitoris

That sounds like the title of a children’s book, doesn’t it? But, seriously, Hickman explains, ”Every penis in the womb starts as a clitoris before hormones ‘sex’ the brain of the to-be male.” The penis “retains the mark of its female heritage: its dark underskin and the thin ridge or seam, known as the raphe, which runs from scrotum to anus, are remnants of the fusion of the vaginal lips.”

9. Fetuses have erections

That’s right, and ultrasound scans prove it. “So many newborn males greet the world with an erection that the sexologist William Masters in his earlier obstetric days set himself the challenge of trying to cut the umbilical cord before it happened,” writes Hickman.

8. Before there was Viagra, there were monkey balls

They didn’t have Cialis ads at the turn of the century, but they did have monkey-ball transplants. In order to cure impotence, doctors began experimenting with xenotransplantation: surgically transplanting testicles from goats, chimpanzees and baboons into male humans. “Thousands of men around the world in the 1920s went under the knife for the supposed benefits of what were known as ‘monkey glands,” he says. By the way, it didn’t work.

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