the Craziness of Being a Woman

Laila Kordbacheh

Laila Kordbacheh is a woman whose poetry unlocks the innermost fragile layers of being a woman. It is soft, yet stubborn. It is bold, yet beautiful. It is frank yet tactful. She takes her audience through a journey of discovery, of self doubt, at times, the most unattainable feelings filling the heart of a woman. The fear, the anguish and the everlasting love, the pride, the jealousy, the craziness of being a woman, and the serene, peaceful poetry in motion.

“Take my serenade back from the dead birds”
This poetry is for your eyes only to recite right now to feel its intense lust and how in love with you

I am and my passionate love for you wanting you craving you For if the time passes this moment

This lustful moment Will be lost And you will be in denial Of all that was

This poetry far from what it “should be” and fragile just like me crying in your trembling arms

صدایم را از پرنده‌های مرده پس بگیر

این شعر را همین حالا بخوان

وگرنه بعدها باورت نمی‌شود

هنگام سرودنش چگونه دیوانه‌وار عاشقت بودم

همین حالا بخوان

این شعر را که ساختار محکمی ندارد

و مثل شانه‌های تو هربار گریه می‌کنم می‌لرزد

هربار گریه می‌کنم

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