Toronto Film Festival and All the Crying Men

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Crying male protagonists appeared in the first two films that I saw in this year’s TIFF. It came to my mind that maybe I should look for a trend, the unexpected snivelling men trend, men who are bawling tears or men who have no difficulty blubbering or even very comfortably bewailing in full agony.

Therefore as a man who secretly finds a reason to cry in any movie, and as a film critic, I focused to see if there were any other films that had their male protagonists weeping and making sad sounds.

I found no choice but to change to a sort of investigative journalist, chasing tears in those silhouette walls of TIFF’s cinemas. And there they were, in almost all the movies that I had managed to see in the first week. It was unbelievable, how all those stories and adventures from all over our little planet, visualised by film medium, had whimpering men.

What’s going on? Is there a hidden agenda collaborated through a collective concious of writers, film makers and TIFF’s staff to show how sensible and tender-hearted males are? Is this a new form of pick up line for girls? What am I missing? Is it possible that all those years that I was hiding my tears, other men were crying as well?

Don’t count on me, not for the figuring out of why contemporary men cry more openly… Just remember the next time you’re in dark place and sounds are surrounding you, and you’re slowly settling yourself in the comfort zone that is the magic of the cinema, look for that frangible man, keening on the glittering wall.



I Saw the Light

45 Years


Bleak Street

Man Down

Very Big Shot







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