Toronto TIFF 2014 and Emersonian Walk

I Had a daily pass for 20 films for Toronto International Film Festival and it cost me $10 each. This year every movie I saw was great. It realty was… Maybe the the new generation of filmmakers have more visual culture or the technology of film making has become more handy and accessible. Even the editing and concepts were rich.

While the emotion from the cinematic piece  gave me a transcendental boost I had no choice but to walk the beautiful streets of Toronto to the next theater and that was it: a complete sublime through an Emersonian walk.


TIFF 4 - by Vandad Zamaani

TIFF 2 - by Vandad Zamaani

TIFF 6 - by Vandad Zamaani

TIFF 3 - by Vandad Zamaani

TIFF - by Vandad Zamaani







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