West is not Bad

In general there is no Western human and its unique way of biological being that differs from the rest of the world… So there is no innate quest in West to dominate other human. Whoever had the power would do the same as west did.

The fact of the matter is, in the long evolving journey of human civilization, in the last 10 thousand years or so, people of every corner of our planet were responsible for all big cultural and economical steps that human took…

BUT in the last 600 hundred years and for many reasons, western part of human civilization could come up with the changes that brought the accumulation of knowledge and subsequently kept them in a position of wealth, power and domination…

West not only did all the bad things that every civilization in power would do but also naturally was the main inventor and creator of last few centuries… West and it’s big protege “industrial revolution” invent and discovered 90 percents of human capabilities that we have now…

Western monopoly is fading away mainly because of the flow of capital that like to have one completely intertwined market in our planet. A market that allows all humanity to have the same consuming power including all the opportunity that a westerner used to have… And with that comes the growing divers power all over our planet including china, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa and even Brazil and …

long live our little planet and its crazy ways of continuing progress.


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