Khayyam’s Quatrains and Electrnic Music

Baroot, a new Iranian band (formed by Nooshin Abedi and Javad Safari in 2011) intention is to mix electronic music with folk music. In their first album “From Void To Void”, I have chosen a song that in a whispering tone resembles one of Khayyam’s quatrains. This song clearly reveals a pleasing depth and freshness that one can expect from intertwining folkloric vibe with the arrhythmic electronic ambiance.

As if whatever is in the world, isn’t
And whatever is not in the world, is

This soothing song is not about a nihilistic cliché, that is often attributed to Khayyam. There is a beautiful serenity in the song which overcomes the awe and terror of death. I don’t get tired of the singer’s timely accent on the first word in every sentences that starts with As if ( Engar).









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