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  • Tourist Video of Iran – Mio Iran

    Tourist Video of Iran – Mio Iran

    last year, sebastian linda a German filmmaker went to Iran with his pregnant wife while they were expecting their child to be born soon.  This video has been made as a gift for their son Mio … Apparently the got their son’s name from Mayyu, a village in Dasht-e Laleh Rural District, Asir District, Mohr…

  • In Praise of Short-Term Love

    In Praise of Short-Term Love

    So much in our culture emphasizes long-term love; it may be time to hear a word or two in praise of the short-term approach.

  • Iranian Flirtatious Move and Grove is In Jail

    Iranian Flirtatious Move and Grove is In Jail

    Mahi Maedeh one of the most famous Iranian celebrities in social networks has been arrested in Iran for dancing. Apparently the 17 years old Maede Hojabri had no choice but to show remorse in Government’s main T.V … This arrest brought another wave of disappointment in Iranian Public sphere and one more time shewed how…

  • Iranian cultural festival – Tirgan

    Iranian cultural festival – Tirgan

  • Thom Yorke and the manly dance

    Thom Yorke and the manly dance

    I had always had a passion for dancing. However, I used to turn into a tough hard body as soon as I started to move my sculpture. There were no accompanying between my body’s stupid movements and the music playing. I could say it was because of the way I was grown up as a…

  • Vsauce YouTube channel and Billion viewers

    Vsauce YouTube channel and Billion viewers

    The concept that Mr Vsauce ( one of the most popular YouTube channel) explained in this 21 minutes video, is mind boggling. He start talking in his fidgety way about a simple fact that some words like “The” get used more often in the language. Then goes in details of exploring The Zipf Mystery… And…

  • We All judge Ourselves Too Harshly

    We All judge Ourselves Too Harshly

    It’s easy to feel like we aren’t good enough. We all judge ourselves too harshly, and reflect on our failures too critically. In an earnest resolve to “expect more” from ourselves, we dwell on the areas in which we need improvement, taking some of our most important accomplishments for granted. But we’re better than we…

  • The Boys of Kabul Dreams

    The Boys of Kabul Dreams

    Kabul Dreams is a young ensemble blooming on the same grounds. Being the first modern punk rock band in Afghanistan, the group – formed in 2008 by lead guitarist and singer Sulyman Qardash, along with Mujtaba Habibi (their former drummer), and bassist Siddique Ahmed – introduced its own idiosyncrasy of criticism and discontent following the…

  • Soz and Nauha and Singing for God

    Soz and Nauha and Singing for God

    In this song Kabir evokes the image of our body, our self, being like the five-stringed musical instrument – the tambura. Made of the four elements and containing the fifth element – shoonyata or emptiness – we hold within our self the capacity to resound to a higher sound. But only if we learn to…

  • Bizarre Ancient Persia in Snoop Dogg's Video

    Bizarre Ancient Persia in Snoop Dogg's Video

    Iranian singer Amitis Moghaddam – stage name Amitis – released a bizarre ancient Persian-themed music video on Monday featuring well-known American rapper Snoop Dogg. The song is in English, although Amitis’ past tracks were mainly recorded in Farsi. On Facebook, Amitis has around 64,000 followers compared to Snoop Dogg’s 35 million, leaving us scratching our…

  • Ajam Feels Like a Stranger

    Ajam Feels Like a Stranger

    A few years ago, when I was searching on the Internet for Iranian mahali (folk) music, I came across the music of a London-based group called ‘Ajam’. Their music not only impressed me, but intrigued me as well. After listening to several of their singles, I made it a point to follow up with the…

  • An Arabic love Song by Israeli Band

    An Arabic love Song by Israeli Band

    The music video for “Habib Galbi” (Love of My Heart), a sorrowful Yemeni folk song, opens with a simple shot across the desert. Inside a small hut, an exasperated woman pulls back the woven curtain of a Bedouin tent and croons in Arabic over a hollow, hypnotic drumbeat and ghostly minor key: “Love of my heart…

  • Tehran Based Musician Arash Akbari

    Tehran Based Musician Arash Akbari

      As a young producer from Tehran, Arash Akbari has made his name releasing on Oído Records and on compilations with fellow experimental producers making similar sounds from Iran.  Playing mostly guitar and laptop, exploring Ambient, IDM, Drone, Experimental music. While plenty has been written about his work, with ‘lush’ and ‘warm’ in almost every review,…

  • Afro Iranian Music: Dingomaro

    Afro Iranian Music: Dingomaro

    On Iran’s Gulf coast a particular culture has grown from centuries of naval history and nearby trade. African roots in Iran result in remarkable and distinct customs, including styles of Persian-African music and dancing that is particular to Bandar Abbas and the south. The film trailer is below narrated in Persian by musician Hamid Said, named…

  • Second Most Googled Model in the World

    Second Most Googled Model in the World

    Kendall  Jenner is a part of an emerging fashion movement which has been dubbed “Social Media Modelling” by Harper’s Bazaar and ‘the Instagirl era’ by Vogue On November 26, 2014, Jenner was added to’s Top 50 list and placed #1 on their combined Social list:Jenner ranked as the #1 most followed model on Facebook and…

  • Iranian New Year – Dance in Montreal

    Iranian New Year – Dance in Montreal

    Celebrating Norouz, the Iranian New Year, in Montreal, Canada. The word Norouz (or Nowrouz) means “New Day” which is the first day of spring in Iran. During the two weeks holiday of Norouz, people either travel, or visit their family and friends to celebrate this traditional event. Norouz is one of the main parts of…

  • American English Way of Speaking in a Gibberish Song

    American English Way of Speaking in a Gibberish Song

    A parody by Adriano Celentano for the Italian TV program  Mileluci is sung entirely in gibberish designed to sound like American English. Celentano is the best-selling artist in Italy with Mina, and the best-selling male Italian singer with more than 150 million records to date

  • Speaking English by an Iranian TV Reporter!

    Speaking English by an Iranian TV Reporter!

    Speaking english by an Iranian journalist!  

  • Master Böyükağa

    Master Böyükağa

    In this video the two generations of Iranian classical music Böyükağa and young singer Omeed Mazhari collaborate and create a transcendental musical moment. Böyükağa, the self learned master who couldn’t stand the pattern of ordinary life grew dissatisfied and lonely much like the Japanese Haiku poet of 17 century Basho. He is not with us…

  • Checking My Back? Fine, Check Your Prostate Cancer Too

    Checking My Back? Fine, Check Your Prostate Cancer Too

    To raise awareness for prostate cancer, women wearing hidden cameras remind men to get themselves checked out too. Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in American men. If detected early, prostate cancer is nearly 100% survivable. For more information on prostate cancer: The Volunteers “Behind” the Prostate Cancer Awareness Video: Natalia…

  • Manitas de Plata Plays and Salvador Dali Paints

    Manitas de Plata Plays and Salvador Dali Paints

    On the occasion of 92 years of Manitas de Plata, the site offers you an exceptional and very rare video for the first time. At this oaccasion, Manitas de Plata offered later a unique spectacle to Salvador Dali, who painted a rider on his horse during a second private concert.

  • An Iranian Dark Blues Song

    An Iranian Dark Blues Song

    “A Plagued Garden” is a sad song about a land that has been neglected and deteriorated by war. A song that carries away Abdi Behravanfar every time he sings Iranian folk music of south intertwined with the elements of dark Blues and Jazz…

  • Birds Migration from Netherlands to Africa

    Birds Migration from Netherlands to Africa

    Based on real data (latitude, longitude and height) from the University of Amsterdam the animation initially shows the tracks of 12 birds, but then concentrates on a pair – male and female, as they migrate south in Autumn 2010 from the Veluwe forest in the Netherlands to warmer weather on the African coast (Liberia, Ghana…

  • Golnar Singing Free Jazz in Persian

    Golnar Singing Free Jazz in Persian

    Golnar Shahyar started her first musical training by playing piano at the age of 11. At 16 she moved with her family to Canada. A few years later she chose Vienna to pursue her dream of becoming a musician. She was a student of jazz singing in University for music and performing arts in Vienna. …

  • Nastaliq: The Persian Calligraphy

    Nastaliq: The Persian Calligraphy

    The short video presents calligrapher Manzar Moghbeli demonstrating the nasta‘liq script. Notice the measured and deliberate pace of writing, the slow twisting and turning of the pen to modulate each stroke from right to left, and the arrangement of letters and words in relation to the baseline and to each other. Nastaliq: The Genius of…

  • Tom Waits' Animism

    Tom Waits' Animism

    All you have to do is to try to picture him like one of those ancient shamans, a healer that celebrates a world that from his perspective is alive and dancing with him. A world that possesses a spiritual essence and above all a world that he is chanting to the elegy of his leaving.…

  • When David Fincher Makes Ads for Gap

    When David Fincher Makes Ads for Gap

    The creative mind behind movies such as Fight Club , The Curious Case of Benjamin Button  and Seven  made a few commercials for Gap.  All of them are somehow weird but fun to watch:

  • 9 Language Boy Meets 6 Language Girl

    9 Language Boy Meets 6 Language Girl

    Any person who can speak 6 or more languages is known as Polyglot. Matthew Youlden is one of the member of this elite group but not only he knows to speak 9 languages he also can understands more than 10 other ones too. He is a sociolinguist who studies minority languages that are vanishing or…

  • The Tragic Song of These Days

    The Tragic Song of These Days

    We are proud individuals living on the city But the flames couldn’t go much higher. We find God and religions to, To paint us with salvation. But no one, No nobody, Can give you the power,To rise over love, And over hate, Through this iron sky, That’s fast becoming our minds. Over fear and into…

  • How To Be Alone

    How To Be Alone

    Tanya Davis, has found the recipe, very simple yet heartwarming, to how to be alone. She doesn’t ask us to fight it, or ignore it, or even hate it. With each word, she takes us through a journey of doing the small daily things we might take for granted or not do because we are…

  • Khayyam’s Quatrains and Electrnic Music

    Baroot, a new Iranian band (formed by Nooshin Abedi and Javad Safari in 2011) intention is to mix electronic music with folk music. In their first album “From Void To Void”, I have chosen a song that in a whispering tone resembles one of Khayyam’s quatrains. This song clearly reveals a pleasing depth and freshness…

  • Being Amoung lions

    “If I had the opportunity to come back to life after dying, I would do it all the same”, says Kevin Richardson, an animal behaviorist and wildlife conservation advocate, from the deep heart of Africa.” He’s been called the lion whisperer, and Kevin Richardson, uses love, understanding and trust, instead of chains and sticks, to…

  • Italians Watching Their Team Get Eliminated

    Italians Watching Their Team Get Eliminated

    Here are some pictures of a neighborhood in Venice watching their national Football team getting eliminated by Uruguay in World Cup 2014: …. …

  • Portrait  of My Creature "Theo"

    Portrait of My Creature "Theo"

    Theo Jansen is part-artist, part-mad scientist. From PVC piping, he builds fantastical creatures that feed only on the wind: propelled by the movement of the air around them, his many-legged Strandbeest are free to roam the countryside and beaches around his house in the Netherlands. From a distance, they look like enormous grazing sheep, but…

  • Nite Jewel and Love in One Second

    There are infinite songs about love and love that went wrong and love that turned to hate and this viscous circle has been repeating itself since the dawn of human civilization. The only difference these days is that the ecstasy that we experience through love is getting shorter and weaker. Here it is Nite Jewel,…

  • "Light in Babylon" and "The Women of Teheran"

    "Light in Babylon" and "The Women of Teheran"

    The trio of an Israeli singer of Iranian origin and a Turkish santoor player accompanied  by a French guitarist create a fusion that  incorporates music from different regions as well (Turkish, French and more). They are based in Turkey, Istanbul and perform in Turkey and in Europe. Here is their take on the force to…

  • When a Toddler is Modern Dance Choreographer

  • "Fancy" the No. 1 Song on Billboard Charts

    Iggy Azalea’s song “Fancy”,  is the number one song on the music charts. The video already got close to 60 million viewers and counting. The electro-rap track, featuring Charli XCX, has everything that a hit song needs, from the savvy media presentation to mischievous beat and an undertone hip-hop chants… It says nothing in particular…

  • Persian Epic Dance

    “Sohrab and Gordafarid” is inspired by the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), a masterly rendition of Iran’s national history in verse by Ferdowsi. Sohrab is born of a night of love between the great Persian hero Rostam and Princess Tahmineh, the daughter of the king of Samangan. Seeking his father, Sohrab goes to Persia. Although still…

  • An Entire Relationship In Just 5 Minutes