4 out of 10 people who get doctorates in Norway are foreign citizens

Long live distribution of knowledge in our little planet BUT:
Director of NTNU Digital, Torbjørn Svendsen, is among those who are worried that too many of the Phd-students are foreign, and that so many of them leave. He believes many of them come to Norway partly because the salaries for doing doctorates in Norway are among the highest in the world.

“These are clever people. Some want to do their doctorate where they get paid the best. Then they want the job that pays the best – and since these are not necessarily available in Norway, it’s natural that many of them leave for other countries”, he says to Forskningspolitikk.

The NIFU-study shows that among half of the PhD-students who move abroad after completing their doctorate in Norway, continue to work within Academia. For those who stay in Norway, the same is true only for a third.

The study also shows that knowledge doesn’t necessarily just disappear from Norway, even if the students move.

More than half of them have cooperated with Norwegian research environments on publishing articles, and one out of four are actively involved in projects with Norwegian colleagues.

The NIFU-researchers also asked if those who have left Norway would consider coming back. More than half answer that they would.

“Their research careers are definitely important to them, but the high quality of life in Norway is the main reason for wishing to come back”, says Rune Borgan Reiling from NIFU to Forskningspolitikk.

“Norway is a safe and well-functioning country, and that is valuable to most people.”

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