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  • 4 out of 10 people who get doctorates in Norway are foreign citizens

    4 out of 10 people who get doctorates in Norway are foreign citizens

    4 out of 10 people who get doctorates in Norway are foreign citizens

  • Iranian Scientist at Melbourne university turned carbon dioxide back into coal

    Iranian Scientist at Melbourne university turned carbon dioxide back into coal

    Lead author, Dr Dorna Esrafilzadeh, a Vice-Chancellor’s Research Fellow in RMIT’s School of Engineering, developed the electrochemical technique to capture and convert atmospheric CO2 to storable solid carbon. To convert CO2, the researchers designed a liquid metal catalyst with specific surface properties that made it extremely efficient at conducting electricity while chemically activating the surface.…

  • Recreating DNA Without The Remains

    Recreating DNA Without The Remains

    A pharmaceutical company in Iceland called deCODE Genetics was able to recreate a desist person’s DNA from the living descendants rather than the physical remains. With this scientific achievement, one can start dreaming of a day that, the genetic specialists not only would recreate the DNA’s of all famous people in human history, but also recreating who…

  • 52 of The Most Common Misconceptions

    52 of The Most Common Misconceptions

    You’d think that in the age of the internet, where more information than we can possibly consume in several lifetimes is at our fingertips, stubborn myths from the past would die away. But who among us still thinks the Great Wall of China is visible from space, and that it’s a bad idea to pick…

  • How Corporations Created ‘Cool’

    How Corporations Created ‘Cool’

     A philosopher / neuroscientist and  a political scientist, wrote a book on how we as a consumer follow up the superficial trends that corporations make for us. Their book, Cool: How the Brain’s Hidden Quest for Cool Drives Our Economy and Shapes Our World tries to show how the concept of “cool” lure us into buying more. Continue reading  

  • We All judge Ourselves Too Harshly

    We All judge Ourselves Too Harshly

    It’s easy to feel like we aren’t good enough. We all judge ourselves too harshly, and reflect on our failures too critically. In an earnest resolve to “expect more” from ourselves, we dwell on the areas in which we need improvement, taking some of our most important accomplishments for granted. But we’re better than we…

  • The Reliability of Memory

    The Reliability of Memory

    I teach a course on personal identity, and one of the authors we read is John Locke, the 17th-century English philosopher who tells us that our memory constitutes who we are. He poses the following thought experiment: if a prince and a cobbler were to exchange memories, so that the body of the cobbler carried…

  • Microbes Are The last Life On Earth

    Microbes Are The last Life On Earth

    As soon as I started feeling secure and let the Jules Verne side of me enjoy the beautiful expectation from all the scientific changes and the possibility of achieving new energy that could  prolong life forever, I encountered a new dilemma. Scientists say we do not have much time. According to the new research: ”…

  • Positive Thinking is Negative

    Positive Thinking is Negative

    Why doesn’t positive thinking work the way you might assume? As my colleagues and I have discovered, dreaming about the future calms you down, measurably reducing systolic blood pressure, but it also can drain you of the energy you need to take action in pursuit of your goals. In a 2011 study published in the…

  • An Engagement Ring  Blooming  Like a Flower

    An Engagement Ring Blooming Like a Flower

    Marriage proposals can be scary, even if you know that the other person will say yes. How and where you’ll ask is always a factor, as well as where to hide the ring. After all, it’d be tragic if it were discovered beforehand. A slimline engagement ring box called Clifton solves this potential problem. Designed…

  • Birds Migration from Netherlands to Africa

    Birds Migration from Netherlands to Africa

    Based on real data (latitude, longitude and height) from the University of Amsterdam the animation initially shows the tracks of 12 birds, but then concentrates on a pair – male and female, as they migrate south in Autumn 2010 from the Veluwe forest in the Netherlands to warmer weather on the African coast (Liberia, Ghana…

  • Kindness Improves Your Physical Attractiveness

    Kindness Improves Your Physical Attractiveness

    One of the most robust findings in social psychology is the beauty-is-good stereotype: physically attractive people are perceived and treated more positively than physically unattractive people . But here’s the thing: I have definitely met attractive people who went from hot to not the second they opened their mouths! Vice-versa, some people are so kind…

  • How Often the Average Woman and  Man Masturbate

    How Often the Average Woman and Man Masturbate

    It’s likely not a surprise to you that men masturbate more frequently than women do, but now there are actual stats to prove it—thanks to Indiana University’s National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behaviourès  recent report. Depending on your own self-pleasuring habits, the titillating facts will either shock or mildly interest you. Regarding the highest-frequency…

  • I Was invited to My parent’s Wedding

    I Was invited to My parent’s Wedding

  • ِDivorce and Happy Selfie

    ِDivorce and Happy Selfie

    Orlando Florida suppose to be the center of magic of love and happily ever after family with it’s giant superficial Disney World but unconventionally enough, a couple in that city post a happy selfie after finalizing their divorce. Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight  ended their  marriage on Friday, and they felt hat they might as…

  • Tantric Exercises for Couples or Singles

    Tantric Exercises for Couples or Singles

    The most important aspect of Tantric Sex Exercises is that the sex or orgasm are not the goal. sex is a healing device. To appreciate femininity and creating of long lasting bond between couples.  Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels, co-authors of Great Sex Made Simple, The Essence of Tantric Sexuality, and Tantra for Erotic Empowerment,…

  • Wedding of the Future

    Wedding of the Future

    At least since 50 years ago most people in the world have contemplated the idea of having a big and fancy wedding. With that has come the fashion, the designs, the rituals and the ceremonies that have become affordable to lots of people. Weddings have become one of the most  important and memorable events in…

  • 9 Language Boy Meets 6 Language Girl

    9 Language Boy Meets 6 Language Girl

    Any person who can speak 6 or more languages is known as Polyglot. Matthew Youlden is one of the member of this elite group but not only he knows to speak 9 languages he also can understands more than 10 other ones too. He is a sociolinguist who studies minority languages that are vanishing or…

  • Suicide Epidemic in the Middle Age

    Suicide Epidemic in the Middle Age

    There’s an even bigger reason to fear the burden of suicide in the new millennium: it’s a charge being led by people in middle age. In America in the last decade, the suicide rate has declined among teens and people in their early 20s, and it’s also down or stable for the elderly. Almost the…

  • Divorce After an Online Affair

    There are as many stories of divorce as marriage. It is true that people find it easier to show their real feeling and are able to find out sooner or later that they are living with the wrong person. But there are also many childish and senseless reasons that break couples’life long commitment to each…

  • Nite Jewel and Love in One Second

    There are infinite songs about love and love that went wrong and love that turned to hate and this viscous circle has been repeating itself since the dawn of human civilization. The only difference these days is that the ecstasy that we experience through love is getting shorter and weaker. Here it is Nite Jewel,…

  • Punishment for Cheater

  • The 17 Reasons a Girl is Single in Her 20’s

    Ashley Fern writes for Elite Daily and she is as free and brave as the American Anthem tells her to be… She is single and likes the way her life treats her. She is also a bit cynical of the singleness that has currently become a sort of an epidemic phenomenon … That is why…

  • Wi-Fi Hotspot on the Moon

    Wi-Fi Hotspot on the Moon

      Complimentary Wi-Fi is so commonplace that a business advertising its “hotspot” in the window seems somewhat passé. But a new hotspot location should impress even the most jaded among us: For the first time, scientists have demonstrated it’s possible to beam a wireless Internet signal across the 238,900 miles separating Earth from the moon.…

  • New Survey On Why Couples Divorce

    New Survey On Why Couples Divorce

    A new survey by a British family law firm asked 1,000 divorcees about their separation and came up with top ten reasons why the couples pulled the trigger and separated from their supposed eternal togetherness.

  • the Art of Sleeping Alone

    Sophie Fontanel is the best selling French author of L’envie, (desire), a book on her account of more than ten years of celibacy, that just came out in the US under the title: “the Art of Sleeping Alone”. Sophie tells the provocative story of her decision to stop having sex at the age of twenty…

  • ‘Anaface,’ A Website That Tells You’re Ugly Or Not

    ‘Anaface,’ A Website That Tells You’re Ugly Or Not

    This is the newest and simplest App that can basically define attractiveness via automation. So no matter how sophisticated, content or confident you are, the programmer of this device already counted on the human egoistic tendency and forever love of  ‘self’. Go ahead and test out the tech and decide for yourself here.

  • Me and My Four Husbands

    Me and My Four Husbands

    The Islamis Polygamy law, allowing men to acquire four wives at the same time as long as each is treated equally as others, has been the topic of many debates around the women’s rights movements in Islamic countries. And throughout Islamic women’s rights movement history, its opponents have taken drastic measures to shed light on…

  • The Ugly Truth

    Our own culture appears to be no less afraid of ugliness than Greek culture, even if surgical rather than divine intervention is now the order of the day. Parents still want their children to avoid ugliness, and many are willing to lend a helping hand: rare is the gift of rhinoplasty, implants or liposuction, but…

  • What Color is Tuesday? Exploring Synesthesia

    How does one experience synesthesia? The neurological trait that combines two or more senses? Synesthetes may taste the number 9 or attach a color to each day of the week. Richard E. Cytowic explains the fascinating world of entangled senses and why we may all have just a touch of synesthesia. Lesson by Richard E.…

  • Why Some people Are Always Miserable

    Why Some people Are Always Miserable

    In her article, The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People, Family Therapist Cloe Madanes, gives us a road-map to misery, and successful self sabotage, even with complete exercises. I myself, mostly identified with number twelve in her list: Glorify or vilify the past. Glorifying the past is telling yourself how happy, fortunate life was before…

  • Sex With Robots

    Sex With Robots

    Robots as companions and sex partners, have been the subject of much research and debate. The sex robot that knows your name, your likes and dislikes, your favorite sexual positions and is able to carry on a discussion & expresses her love to you & be your loving friend. Always turned on, and ready to…