Golnar Singing Free Jazz in Persian

Golnar Shahyar started her first musical training by playing piano at the age of 11. At 16 she moved with her family to Canada. A few years later she chose Vienna to pursue her dream of becoming a musician.

She was a student of jazz singing in University for music and performing arts in Vienna.  Golnar is becoming a promising member of jazz and world music scene in Austria and Europe. In her singing and compositions she always integrates her Iranian roots at the same time as she creates a new and fresh sound. Since 2010 she is one the leading members of her projects Choub, Sormeh and Gabbeh.

Golnar in this song with the band Choub, performs in a free jazz style of singing in Persian, her voice acting as one of the instruments.









One response to “Golnar Singing Free Jazz in Persian”

  1. Gelareh Nia Avatar
    Gelareh Nia

    kheili chert bud, toxin be shoure kasaee ke ye zare ham mitunan farqe musice khubo bado tashkhis bedan. yeki nist bege majburid mage hala jazz nakhastim dashte bashim!

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