It is Sung in Yellow

Don’t listen to my voice, it is sung in yellow Don’t touch my heart, it’s sick with coldness Don’t get close to my soul, it’s been abandoned for years Don’t touch my brain, its pain is contagious And from afar, make me feel like a mystic A déjà vu of a creature that once existed And look at me, just as the eyes mesmerized by a painting For I am not to move beyond this black frame around me.

Just be, but don’t get too close, like a parallel existence Ignore the chemistry between us, for it makes me frightened Try not to find me, for I am already lost Don’t lay next to me, for I will slowly slump Don’t abandon me, for the melancholy will become me Don’t touch my shadow, for the shades of lust surround me With every breath I take, the yearning desire compels me.

Don’t entrap my fragrance, for in your heart is a cage To smell your fragrance, is like a hopeless liaison inside my head.

Hadi Pakzad ft. Belle Nava
Yellow Harmony
Lyrics: Hadi Pakzad
Music: Masoud Fayyazzadeh
Directed by: Arshia Shakiba






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