Portrait of My Creature "Theo"

Theo Jansen is part-artist, part-mad scientist. From PVC piping, he builds fantastical creatures that feed only on the wind: propelled by the movement of the air around them, his many-legged Strandbeest are free to roam the countryside and beaches around his house in the Netherlands. From a distance, they look like enormous grazing sheep, but up close, the intricacy of the mechanisms that facilitate their movement is breathtaking. Theo invites us to enter Jansen’s imagination, and to see the Strandbeest as he sees them, not as kinetic sculptures, but as living, breathing creatures.

Director Biography:
Georgi Banks-Davies is a director of ads, films, images, and stories. A graduate of the Newport Film School at the University of Wales, she has worked as a director for the BBC and CNN. Her first short film, Penny Collectors (2003), won the best cinematography award at the Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona in 2004. Her second, The Glossy Mag (2004), was screened at the Edinburgh international film festival, the Cardiff screen festival, and broadcast on HTV Wales. Theo (2009) was screened at Slamdance in 2010, at the Boston film festival in 2011, and at the London short film festival 2012. Her commercial clients include Coca-Cola, AT&T, and Tourism Ireland, and she has made music videos for artists such as Tawaiah and Woman’s Hour. She is based in London.




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