The World Dances Without Iran

A man from Seattle travels the globe to dance with people around the world. And every time I watch one of his dance videos, I get emotional, with tears in my eyes. I don’t know why, although I know it will never happen, every time, I wish and hope, the next country he visits will be Iran.

When I watch the people of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and even NortMatt-Harding-in-Tokyo-420x0h Korea, dancing with him under the beautiful sky, a question keeps circling my mind, a thousand times: what about my people? why can’t they Dance under the same sky that other people of the world do?

Why is it that we, as Iranians living in Iran, have been forced to go underground, to think, to sing, to talk, to dance, and to express ourselves through underground arts? Why have we become an underground nation?

All I can do for now is to hope, that one day, we all can dance under the saffron sky, freely and peacefully; just like the rest of the world does, with this man, in this beautiful video, distributed two moths ago.


By Beeta Malekoti





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